Washington Township

Public Schools | Sewell, NJ


  • A continuum of Art courses for students in grades 9-12 is available for both the student artist as well as the student who wishes to study only certain aspects of visual art.
  • In addition to Art 1, 2, and 3, elective courses in Exploring the Arts, Jewelry and Metals, Drawing (Introductory and Advanced levels), Painting (Introductory and Advanced levels), Art as Expression, Multicultural Arts and Design (Introductory, Intermediate & Advanced levels), Pottery (Introductory and Advanced levels), Sculpture (Introductory and Advanced levels), Creative Technical Art, and Animation 1 & 2 are offered.
  • Advanced Placement courses in History of Art and Studio Art are offered.
  • Students' artwork is displayed in the foyer of the core facility and student created murals can be found in the cafeteria.
  • Visual art instruction focuses on art appreciation, studio art, as well as elements of critique and design.
  • Students' work is exhibited at the District Art Night in early Spring and at the High School Showcase Night in June. As well, students participate in various local and area competitions.
  • Staff work closely with junior and senior students to develop portfolios for those pursuing advanced study in art after high school.